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Saint Aresma

Arsema, also called Hripsime, Rhipsime, Ripsime, or Ripsima, was a martyr of Roman origin; she and her companions in martyrdom are venerated as the first Christian martyrs of Armenia.

There are three churches in St. Arsema's name found in Ethiopia. Among the churches, the oldest one which is found in one of the islands of Lake Tana is known for its miracles. There are also many old paintings in the church portraying how she was killed by Tiridates III (named as Dirtados by Ethiopians) and how the cruel king was changed into a bear after killing her. There is annual pilgrimage by Ethiopian Christians to this church in January. There are also Christian songs that praise her name. The book entitled Gedle Arsema meaning "The Life of Arsema" is found almost in every spiritual bookshop throughout Ethiopia. Her story is told in the Ethiopian Synaxarium on Mäskäräm 29.   


Source: Wikipedia

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